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About us

Al Noor foundations (ANF), Chennai is a registered non-profit public charitable trust inIndia. It was established in June 2009 to resolve the problem of needy and poor people of our community giving top priority to education in its objectives.

“Al Noor” means “The light” defined as a light Al Noor Foundations will be a glow for the poor and needy to overcome all their difficulties they face in their day today life.

Established with registration no. 1392/11. dt.07.10.2011, under the Indian Trust Act and registered under Sec.12 A of the IT Act, Al Noor foundations work with a mission to uplift the social, economical, educational and professional status of economically backward and weaker section our society.

Why was ANF Founded?

And spend in the way of Allah and cast not yourselves to perdition with your own hands, and do good (to others); surely Allah loves the doers of good. – [2.. Surah Al-Baqarah : Ayah 195]

In reference to the above verses ANF was founded to meet the increasing urgent needs in poor societies especially in developing countries  and communities where poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, famine, and other difficult situations are persisting.

There are many non profitable organization working together to remove the difficulties of our poor fellow people. Even then there are many people unattended especially in education Sector.

ANF was found to reach these poor people & to fulfill their requirement to make them live in dignity and to compete in this modern era.

Our Objectives:

  • To Help the need and to make them live in dignity
  • Education to be easily available for all the people in our community  irrespective of the class, cast or race
  • Elimination of illiteracy, child labour and unemployment

ANF Mission includes:

  • Offering global and humanitarian help for the needy regardless of their race or nationality.
  • Assisting in developing human resources of needy communities through eradicating illiteracy, education and training.
  • Providing the basics for the needy such as food, clothing, medicine, and shelter.
  • Empowering the needy communities so that they become productive and depend on themselves.
  • Insuring that funds are raised and used efficiently and effectively and given to those who need them most.